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is one of the Bodymind Integration Methods developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD. There are three of those: Pelvic-Heart Integration®, Energetic Integration® and Postural Integration®. Dr. Painter founded The International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT) in 1988 to preserve and teach these methods worldwide. See icpit.org.

Postural Integration

"In the fields of holistic deep-touch bodywork and body psychotherapy the approach of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration, created by Jack W. Painter, PhD, is a unique interactive method in which the relationship linking body and mind is at the core of the process. Through our breath, posture, movements, emotion and mind we relate to ourselves and others.  When life loses its brightness or becomes too limited, when we are overwhelmed or invaded by pain and suffering, PsychoCorporal work allows us to find a way to creatively regain our balance, trust and joy.” ICPIT

POSTURAL INTEGRATION® is a method of Deep holistic bodywork created by Jack W. Painter, Ph.D. in the 1960s and developed onwards by him into the 1990s. It encompasses body psychotherapy and heads towards the development of the whole person. Dr. Painter's original, timeless and evolving work is now practiced worldwide for the larger public by numerous highly qualified practitioners and master practitioners. Postural Integration® is strictly and exclusively taught by certified PI- Trainers - Members of ICPIT (The International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers) founded by Jack Painter in 1988. Postural Integration® is the principal cornerstone and base for all other Bodymind Integration approaches. The method is alternative, complementary and usually practiced (though not exclusively) by regular health practitioners working with both holistic bodywork, body psychotherapy and going beyond both bodywork and psychotherapy. Postural Integration® is solid ground and a moving force for those who are seriously looking for deep answers to life questions, health and personal transformations of all sorts.


Stroke+VideoPostural Integration® is a rigorously structured frame of transformative work that helps the individual by a direct deep softening and reorganisation of the connective tissue which envelops and coordinates the entire muscular system. Postural Integration® is unique and revolutionary in that it not only assists the release of deep and chronic muscular tension but also helps to harmonise our unbalanced or "armoured" emotions, thoughts and in such our blocked breathing and energy flow. It definitely helps you to master your body, your movements, your feelings, emotions and thoughts. As such you become more attuned to your spiritual destiny, autonomy and humanity.


Postural Integration® (P.I.) can be practiced in the field of body oriented psychotherapy by those psychotherapists who include a major part of PI- “hands-on bodywork”. P.I. is practiced in individual sessions only. Your physical posture, as well as your mental and emotional attitudes are cornerstones of the therapy. The aim is to bring you as a client in contact with your natural authenticity and embodied potential for being. In the course of the therapy, you as a client are helped to contact your blocked feelings and convictions that are literally held in your posture and in your bodies tissues. Therapeutic work is done to to liberate this armoring and the cramping that disturbs energy flow in your bodymind. These blockages are related to character dynamics that you developed during your childhood and later. These “character structures” are transformed in the bodymind most effectively when you also do deep bodywork, in particular by freeing your connective tissue (fasciae) in combination with emotional release and integration, breath exercises, movement, gestalt work and expression. The application of soft and deeper therapeutic touches, is thus interwoven with insightful interpretations and process guidance coming from Western psychology as well as from the ideas of oriental traditions. It is this integrated psychotherapeutic guidance that transforms your “old patterns” up to the body level and fosters lasting results in the transformation process and ultimately leads to enhanced vitality, self-knowledge, authenticity and well-being on a deeper level. Postural Integration requires an active participation from you as a client. Your willingness to examine yourself and to push your boundaries is needed. It definitely requires some courage to do this therapy, but the results will speak for themselves. The work is also exciting, but we always take care of sufficient safety in order for all to be doable. In the beginning of a PI session, after a first contact and introduction, the bodymind is prepared and made accessible by means of charging and discharging exercises, several touch-techniques as well as amplified breathing in order to liberate the myofascial network. In the deeper phase of this work with the connective tissue, it becomes clear where your accumulated tension is hiding. Usually we don’t feel anymore where it is stuck, but we do experience where the symptoms elsewhere in the body manifest; like in the lower back, in the shoulders, or in the knees, etc. A successful therapy leads you primarily to a place where your initial goal for therapy has become ultimately less important. Instead a whole new set of perceptions opens up for you in which you free yourself from your old limitations, and in which you can move freely able to enjoy life deeper. This is the actual integration: The coming home in your authentic, alive and embodied self. Clients who experienced the P.I. process experience themselves als more whole, feel themselves also more balanced, more integrated, more energetic, clearer, and have more pleasure and find more meaning in life as before. P.I. treatments an also indirectly influence all kinds of healing processes of even long standing chronic ailments that you carry in you. More info about our organization and this work can be found on: www.icpit.org


Postural Integration (PI)® is a method for furthering personal development through process-oriented interactive (hands-on) bodywork. Postural Integration® supports you in dealing with the challenges in your life in a more creative manner. The uniqueness of this method lies in the simultaneous integration of deep tissue and breath work, movement and body awareness, emotional expression and the wisdom of oriental medicine. This effective method supports you in re-assessing out-dated patterns of thinking and emotional coping and opens up new perspectives, increase your sense of well-being, your capacity to feel, your ability to consciously express yourself in all your relationships. Postural Integration (PI)® supports you in dealing with the challenges in your life in a more creative manner. The uniqueness of this method lies in the simultaneous integration of deep tissue and breath work, body movement and awareness, as well as emotional expression. This effective method opens up new perspectives in your life and enables you to increase your sense of well-being, your capacity to feel, your ability to consciously express yourself in all your relationships. Practitioners of Postural Integration (PI)® are trained to work in a respectful and interactive manner with their clients. They bring into the relationship with their client professional knowledge and experience and the ability to appropriately share their personal feelings and attitudes. This characteristic creates a unique symmetry in the relationship between practitioner/therapist and client, which allows the use of deep neurophysiological abilities for personal change e.g. mirror-neurons. This symmetry also allows the PI-method to work with pre-verbal states of consciousness, e.g. in working with body image disorders and pre-/perinatal trauma issues.

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An open dialogue about theory and practice

PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration (PI, EI, PHI) deals with both broad structural changes of the Bodymind (which includes psychotherapeutic methods) and also with the balancing of fine energy. This dual methodology has attracted individuals who are interested in deep interventions in Bodymind as well as delicate integrating approaches. Also our methodology emphasizes the equal importance of knowledge of the physical body and emotional and cognitive process. Our trainings have included many medical doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, bodyworkers, psychotherapists, social workers, etc. In our training of these individuals from different fields we always emphasize the importance of including structural and fine energy techniques as well as continually integrating the physical, emotional and cognitive.

ICPIT Certified practitioners (our methods are trademarked) and trainers have been participating in many professional associations and congresses over the last 30+ years. We can mention the International Somatics Congress, the Association of Body Psychotherapy,  the International Association of Psycho-Corporeal work, EABP (The European Association of Body Psychotherapy, EAP (The European Association of Psychotherapy), WAPCPC (The World Associations of Person Centered Psychotherapy and Counseling), and the diverse national associations of psychotherapy and body psychotherapy where our practitioners work).